Dear Dad

Counting days through
hide and seek with solitude.
Silence tempts to speak
Scribbling words of grief!
Find me some tune
To make you a hymn
For who you were.
Get me some iron pills
And make me an iron man,
For I’m stuck in here.
The darkest of nights
And the worst of Nightmares.
Give me your hand
And pick me up.
Walk with me as you used to
when I was a kid!

But you left too early..
Dear dad.



​”Hand in hand 
– those evening walks.
Those silly stories you mumbled
late night
gazing at the stars for long.
All were lies.
For love does forgive a sin.
and not make excuses to stay away.”

…. the storyteller gazes at the night sky.
Same stars.
Not memories but True Lies.


To the hymns of the winds,
Letters of Love
For all her sleepless nights.
Letters of Love
To the stars and beyond
For endless dreams
And hopes of a life, together.
To the beautiful mornings
For her kisses.
To the slow sunsets
For the hands walking along
A journey of care, smile, and tears.
Letters of Love
To the story
For all the fights. 
Though they ended it.
…..letters of love to the tears of the Storyteller.


​”Sound sleeps,
warm bed,
a room facing sun.
– I hope.”

“But wait…
Will it be as I need?”

Leave the sun and bed
but sleep in here is calm.
Calm in regrets 
and in wishes to revert
what happened.
“..What after parole?”
Same sleeps
Or added fights 
to brave my mind against 
the outer new…
I know not.