The afternoon sun was setting down
lonely was I
sitting besides the rocks and facing the sea.
The job of the day wasn’t done yet
and before never done too.
Thinking of my job
I found myself standing before me.
“Won’t you do it today,either?”
It was him.,it was myself to me.
“You hadn’t been such before…
What’s happening? Get the changeover!”
It was again myself
and for me the words were piercing.
When for me memories rewound
worst moments of scarce care gathered light.
Then the thought dawned upon me.
It was me who was wrong
and really needed a change .
For me and myself to talk
neither of them are required.



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With rise of the dawn
mind rises from sleep
with new ideas to be used
for new goals aimed.
The body gets up late
then with a sleepy walk
the day starts.
Thinking how late it acted
repents a little yet leaps forward
to work thinking of the mind.
It decides to act upon
and even acts to move further
but the laze lying within
stops him at the mid-way.
As such all deeds let undone
A lazy body beholding its laze
in conflicts with upcoming ideas
lies as a mid-way stone.


The river bed is sinking down.
All fishes have dived deeper,
the ripples are disappearing
into a deadly silence.
Sitting beside the brimming river
even if I throw a stone
it gets lost into void.
The ‘cloakst’ sound is getting hollow.
Th deep river is preparing
to flow upon the shallow banks.
The trees it supported
are sinking into grief
as the riverbed will die down
letting an overflow.
Then all around sorrow will reside.


a boy picked and threw me at a dog.
Was it the fear of me
or the boy?
The dog ran away.
Last day it was rainy
as if the rain drops were fired at me.
Today it is the sun
so hot that I lie dry.
The puddles around have also dried
so no fear of getting drowned
if kicked elsewhere.
“I’m hit hard and that school girl is dancing!”
“Must have done on knowing.”
“But aah!”
“Thank you dear girl !”
It’s all green around.
These chances come once.
“Does with humans happen so?”


When we leave the bed in the morning we brush our mind with hopes for a better day but as the day resumes we fall into the same routine. Then what new does each morning bring in us-I would say, “It’s just that we water our hopes with a can of smiles pouring from some familiar faces and yet many new even.”

Each day may continue the same but the life that pours into us is always new fed by energies of doing something better and better each time….no matter if in the same routine but still it’s different and this difference quotes into us as a new morning.