Each dawn
a new morning awaits.
New faces surpass
as I continue
on my way.
Each face giving a stubborn stare
and I keep my eyes down.
“Has everyone gone mad.”
“Why are they looking at me
as such? ”
“I can’t bear it anymore.”
With a sigh
I sat on a bench nearby.
My eyes were on the road
looking at footsteps nearing
yet afraid to face their eyes.
Then he came
– tall but old.
He sat beside me
with a newspaper in hand.
“What sorrow my son? ”
My vision curbed onto his feet.
“Everybody’s staring at me
and laughing! ”
“Hah!” “It’s because you’ve got this mask on .”
“Get it off ,my son! ”
Soon my eyes were in light.



The day I hatched
was my first step on earth.
Growing up-
I learnt to walk
avoiding stones on my path.
“But birds are born to fly!”
Having heard so
I learnt to flap my wings out.
With all care
I gathered to fly.
The tree top
which was a dream before
became a common place of rest.
“But is it all ?”
A thought echoed in.
As if the sky overhead
awaited me with open hands.
I followed –
opened my wings
and flew.



The bright afternoon
was approaching the dark,
the clouds had taken over.
I could see
a rainy evening forthcoming.
In minutes it started raining.
Wet was the scene
and even I.
The drops perched
on my smiling face
as if in welcome,
as if it had been long since
a moment with this rain.
I was cold, out in the rain
but all of a sudden
my eyes caught the umbrella
in my hand
soon I was in shade.