What is it that makes us feel better
amidst all troubles?
Why someone’s presence
makes our moments special?
Why a smile charms us
more than a morning sun?
Someone new
can make one feel the best.
….that’s love….
….that someone….
Love your life
to live your love.



There’s always a child in us
who loves to be cared.
A child who cherishes each smile
spent on him to make him happy.
One who tries to keep us light
at tough moments.
One who loves to make friends.
A child who loves the ones
he spends time with.
One who has no fear to fall
as he is learning to grow up.
The child within us
has nothing to loose
as he always starts with
the spirit of being a beginner.
…..this is what we always fail to realize….


Why do we feel sad
when a smile of someones face
can change it all.
Why do we feel alone
when there’s always someone
awaiting to lend ears for our problem.
Why do we fear when we fall
when there’s always someone to lend
us a hand to rise again.
May it not be someone ‘person’
with us
as everyone is not lucky enough.
But we do have a heart
That solely beats for us from within.
…only for us…