“I dreamt you”
When the boy got to know that
It was like –
“I m fine..
No not again..”
Then it happened a day-
“You love me…
“Me too…”
Then it was my last seen ..
That’s it…
“Guess what…
i was not that confident
So I made up stories
My Story..
Finally the dream ended
and I was awake.
Hopefully not
as it got papered down.



There were efforts,
there were plans,
there were dreams too…
But finally I failed.
“So what?”
My dreams are yet alive,
my plans refreshed,
my efforts are still there.
So I will win.
Because this failure has
put me at the start
again as a beginner,
who has no fear of loss
since I haven’t  gained any
except my moments with failure
that teach me
” I will win”.


A wandering bird
keeps flying.
We say it lives on trees
but we fail to see
that it loves the sky.
It’s hard to understand
– flying all day
must be tiresome.
Still when a chance
– it sets the wings off
and flies.
It’s hard to figure out
the zeal that it has
but one thing is clear
it must be a lust
to acheive something
that drives it’s will into efforts.


A sky with winds
and a kite of hope
– all I wanted.
Winds hamper
the kite’s flight
but I guess
the kite will miss them too
if it doesn’t sway
by it’s journey upwards.
Each time a try to cross the limits
gets it pulled back .
Once let free 
it loses it’s way up.
Glides down ,
finally settles somewhere.
Our minds act the same…
Let it rise in control.
Reap vision in reality.


A day they met
then each day it happened,
friendship grew,
they got close…..
Close Enough to share
what they felt alike.
The boy fell in love
but the girl loved someone else.
She wanted friendship
was unaware of the boy…
He feared to lose a true friend
So never confessed,
And it all ended as such…
“Who’s the lucky guy…?”
“Actually we were tuition mates”
“I’m jealous”
“U dont hav to b..
Go for ur aim..
May u get ur grl…
But frst aim dn angel…ryt”
The boy never understood
why it all happened…
But the truth was that ,
“I was in love
and this was my story…”
“Don’t worry man…
It’ll take tym..n..u’ll get over..”
“I guess so..”


When someone in life
touches our heart
yet remains an untouched mystery
for us,
when someone gets too close to us
yet unanswered in our heart
when asked about,
our heart does not confuse us.
It rather accepts the happiness
and love that it has gathered…
…that’s the imprint left
in our mind of that person.
…our memories…
…that cast upon us
 our lost happiness
whose reasons need to be
left unanswered.