A day they met
then each day it happened,
friendship grew,
they got close…..
Close Enough to share
what they felt alike.
The boy fell in love
but the girl loved someone else.
She wanted friendship
was unaware of the boy…
He feared to lose a true friend
So never confessed,
And it all ended as such…
“Who’s the lucky guy…?”
“Actually we were tuition mates”
“I’m jealous”
“U dont hav to b..
Go for ur aim..
May u get ur grl…
But frst aim dn angel…ryt”
The boy never understood
why it all happened…
But the truth was that ,
“I was in love
and this was my story…”
“Don’t worry man…
It’ll take tym..n..u’ll get over..”
“I guess so..”


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