All face the same –
rains and sun.
The same winds
that flow by the streets
pass touching me too.
I see the laughs of the happy ,
the sigh of the tired ,
and faces too
lost in thoughts unknown.
But –
for me all seem the same.
An art of stone
in a corner of the park
braving ages passing by.


In Search Of What I Want

All the paths I passed by
none could show me
my real way
that will get me
where I want to reach.
Still trying around
Still walking ahead
I go on
in search of what I want.
The same sun shows up
but the winds keep changing
and people too.
The same sweat
but a different taste
– more sweet each time.
I too will keep walking
and trying each way
keep searching what I want
for me….
till I get where I need to be.