One night it was love
narrating her woes with friendship.
Love didnot know that friendship
would come up this bad a person.
On hearing love
Misunderstanding stood up.
Topics changed. 
Misunderstanding fought with love.
A long fight though
ended with love in tears.
Love was true yet couldnot convince.
Misunderstanding chose to deny.
Fight got intense and ended love broken
having lost all respect.
So it was time to leave.
Love was hurt,…..crying
a lot.
Finally misunderstanding calmed
and could understand
that love was true.
Words saved the scene.
Though love was hurt
yet stayed.

A sound broke in and he woke up.
I guess the storyteller had a nightmare.



All face the same –
rains and sun.
The same winds
that flow by the streets
pass touching me too.
I see the laughs of the happy ,
the sigh of the tired ,
and faces too
lost in thoughts unknown.
But –
for me all seem the same.
An art of stone
in a corner of the park
braving ages passing by.