​”Sound sleeps,
warm bed,
a room facing sun.
– I hope.”

“But wait…
Will it be as I need?”

Leave the sun and bed
but sleep in here is calm.
Calm in regrets 
and in wishes to revert
what happened.
“..What after parole?”
Same sleeps
Or added fights 
to brave my mind against 
the outer new…
I know not.



​I know not if I love these bars.
Maybe because they seem more familiar
sharing the scenes of my growing ages.

“I wonder if someday I’m set free,
who will I find outside this known?
These prison walls have kept the difference.
Me on one side,
the rest mankind on the other.
Is it that I feel safe in here 
Or I’m afraid of changes?
Maybe these bars have 
imprisoned my thoughts for life too.”


​Fifty years back, I shot a man. 
Crime prisoned me to the bars.
Standing behind them
all I gather
is a child 
who then was brought in here.
– No idea of the laws of the world
   Neither about people making them.

“Filled in with guilt?”
“No. Else to be true…no idea!”

This child in here fears,
if the world outside
will be the same to him.
A small kid
had left then;
returning as an old man…

“Life Imprisonment
– This is a truth.
As all it imprisons is your life
Not you.”